Drag Make Up According to Vicky

In the past few years Drag make up has evolved more than man has from the stone age, where contour, highlight and cut creases have become more of a requirement then anything else, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have made it easy for anyone to try outlandish and extravagant make up looks, where new makeup trends evolve every day, also thanks to shows like “RuPaul’s Drag Race” have set a certain standard of what make up should be and look like.

So with everyday social media pressing us to be more polished and perfect here are some of my favourite ways of keeping my makeup beautiful and in place!

  1. PRIMER!!!! I think this must be the most overlooked at step in a lot of drag queens/drag artist and performers make up steps. So just to break it down in short, men usually have more texture to their skin, what means that we more easily show texture on our skin (stubble, pores and uneven skin). What a primer does is to smooth out the skin, keeping the skin looking flawless and almost works as a magnet for your foundation. Now who doesn’t want that? Personal favourite products: Benefit Porefessional and Maybelline Baby Skin.
  2. 9 O’clock Shadow, this is something that we all face, and how do we combat that? It’s so easy, with colour correction. Where there’s more blue (beard) apply orange or red, this will colour correct your blue beard and make your foundation seem even and flawless. I use the Prep and Prime Highlighter Peach Lustre from Mac cosmetics.
  3. Eyebrows, this to me is extremely personal, but I feel a common law should be set out: Cover Them or Take Care of Them! Your brows shouldn’t look like some kind of insect trying to fly of your face “except if you’re going for Amazon realness”. Few should have an arch and clean shape. Please note that not a lot of Queens want or can cover their brows, but that’s ok, just shape your brows to your desire. I personally love using a pencil and concealer to sculpt and define. My personal favourite is the dark brown Eyebrow Designer pencil from Essence and Anastacia Beverly Hills in taupe.
  4. And my last one for now HIGHLIGHT! With all that foundation cake and powder you need to give your skin life back. Highlight is my favourite way of doing that, creating a light that is reflective on your skin enables your skin to look glowing and radiant. What more would you want? For this my personal favourite is Double-Gleam from Mac Cosmetics and Highlight & Contour Palette Cream from NYX Cosmetics.

My parting message:

Just remember that make up is fun, and as it’s a one size fits all, never be afraid to experiment or step outside of your box.

All that can happen is FABULOUS!!!

Written by Admin