Fierce Fashion by Olivia Mae

From the early 1800’s when drag was a respectable profession, fashion was one of the most important factors of a drag queen’s career

Doing an article on what to wear would be like pissing against the wind in tornado weather.

The backlash of opinions and opening of libraries would take over multi media and would do more damage to the internet than Kim K’s ass.

So as a queen who has a career in fashion, my opinion is merely there to press the ‘refresh’ button and educate the complete idiots. No matter if you prefer full sequined ballgowns with 5 wigs teezed into one or going for the fully loaded ‘fish’ look; it is very important to find what type of drag queen you are. Goth, Pageant, Faux, Fish, Androgyny and club are only a few in the many names we give ourselves in this big drag family.

You have to decide which one you are and then plan and style yourself to perfection. I personally am a ‘fluid’ queen. One who does not stick to one type of drag. I take many types of style’s and technique’s to create whatever look I’m going for.

Find your type and educate yourself, and be the queen others look up to. Don’t just borrow a dress and a wig and go out, take a minute and think what you put on that ass.

And speaking of ass….. Your undergarments and padding are so important to get that perfect shape and the clothes you pick will just look better!

So there….. Drag Fashion in a nutshell.  So important that it is impossible to pinpoint what the trends are without discussing each group in detail.

From me, Miss Mae, good luck on finding a shoe that fits, a tuckpanty that’s comfortable and a big enough stylish handbag to hide that papsak semi sweet!

Meow bitches


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