Uit Betty se Bek! 21 January 2017

Hello my darling angels………well, some of you are angels!

I can not believe it is almost time again for us to flock to Knysna for the 17th Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Arts Festival. My feet still hurts from last year’s street parade! I think we all can agree that last year’s festival was a bunch of fun with sprinkles on! Well, this year will be no different. In fact we might just have sparkles with the sprinkles at this year’s event. Best you start teasing those wigs into oblivion. Remember there is a “Best costume” title up for grabs after the parade!

This year will also see the third chapter of Wigstock! There will be daily drag shows performed by some of the best. The “Queens of Wigstock” for 2017 are Jett Jones, Charne Churchill, Olivia Mae, Victoria Styles and myself. The shows will be in the form of a “dinner theatre’’ so please don’t choke on something while you laugh! Now that I’m thinking about it I wonder if a dinner theatre is such a good idea. I better not f@#k up. I love potato salad but not in my face!

I’m sure everybody knows by now that Priscilla Queen of the Desert is FINALLY parking the infamous pink bus on the Teatro stage at Montecasino and Artscape in Capetown. OMG!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Of course I couldn’t help myself and went for the auditions. After much anticipation I can finally reveal that I will be playing the bus!

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am slightly more obsessed with musical theatre than the average gay person. To give you an idea: I have seen CATS literally a 109 times, Phantom of the Opera 7 times, Mamma Mia 9 times and the list goes on and on! So you can imagine the excitement that is brewing in me for my upcoming trip to Broadway in New York City where I will see the divine Bette Midler in Hello Dolly. Apart from a few other Broadway shows, I am also very excited to see Cher and Celine Dion in Las Vegas. I wonder if Cher will miss a wig or two? God knows I won’t fit in her  “Turn back time” outfit!

2017 is definitely going to be MY year! I have exciting things lined up and planned for this year so watch this space. Until then, let’s try to make the world a better place by smiling when you pass a stranger. If they start to follow you, kick them and run!

Keep Shining!

Betty Bangles.

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